Friday, May 11, 2007

They Reached an Agreement!

We found out this morning that the teachers and the district reached an agreement - and it's one that the teacher's union says is really good. They're happy with it, the district's happy with it, and this mess is finally over.

PLEASE send your kids to school on Monday!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who supported us and the teachers.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Wednesday Morning!

Please go to a school site Wednesday morning to support the teachers. They'll be picketing at the secondary schools (YHS, YHS-9, PVMS, and CMS) at about 7:00, and at the elementary schools about 8:00. Show them that you support them!

If you want information about THEIR point of view, instead of the propaganda the district puts out, go to their blog: yucaipateacher. So far, we've seen two letters to the editor where the writer got all of his information from the district, and then criticized the teachers. Of COURSE the information is going to be in favor of the district! Go get the other point of view before you make up your mind. Thanks.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


I'd like to thank all of you who have found your way to our blog. We are the parents of Yucaipa and Calimesa, and we love our teachers! We would like to let the school board know that we want them to treat them with the respect they deserve!

Here are some important dates for you:

On Wednesday, May 9, the teachers will be picketing before school at all the school sites. PLEASE go join them! If you're able to go early, go to Yucaipa High School, the 9th grade campus, Parkview, or Canyon, about 7:15. If you go to one of the elementary schools, get there about 8 - better yet, go to both!

On Thursday, May 10, there's a meeting at the District Office with the teachers and the district. It's called Fact-Finding. During this meeting, which is closed to the public, the two sides make a presentation about why they have the position they have in this situation. (The teachers will show why they deserve a fair salary offer and the district will try to show why they don't.) Then, they're going to try to negotiate. The teachers' association is having a rally at 4:00 - and they want us there.

The rally will be at 4:00 pm on Thursday, and it'll be at the district office on Third Street. Parking will be difficult, but it's well worth the walk. There will be guest speakers, including the new president of the California Teachers Association, David Sanchez.

If all goes well, then our job is done! But if it doesn't, we'd like for you to consider a "parent strike" on Monday, the 14th of May. By keeping your child home for one day, you can help show the District how you feel.

Watch this blog- as soon as we know how things go, we'll post, and tell you whether the "parent strike" is a go or not.

Thanks so much for supporting our teachers!

Here's another picture from the picketing yesterday: